The emergence of the revolution of higher education in the early nineties of the last century has made rooting a strategic destination, the latest significant shift in the environment created the necessary for the emergence of systematic approache


IMAM aspires and seeks to be achieved by the end of the strategy of the quarter century: 1- Outstanding achievement in the field of standardization methodology. 2- A remarkable achievement in the Islam of social sciences and its applications. 3- A remarkable achievement in the Islam of natural sciences. 4- A remarkable achievement in the Islam of university curricula. 5- Leadership of the Institute in the field of specialization in the Islamic world.

The interest of scientific research and higher studies aimed at rooting the social and natural sciences, producing sciences from the sources of Islamic knowledge and employing them to advance the Islamic nation, resuming the civilization of monotheism.

Researchers 40

Master Students 12

PHD Students 90

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